Why bother with MPR NET ?

Suppose there is a national or regional event that shuts down the internet and other forms of communication (most including your cell phone rely on the internet)?

  • Cyber Attack
  • EMP
  • Coronal Mass Ejection
  • Government Shut Down
  • Critical Infrastructure Event

How would you communicate? How would you get regional or national news? Would the news you are getting be trustworthy or factual? Can you rely on the internet, cellular or even terrestrial television & radio stations? What about satellites, could they be affected as well?

This is why we have started having bi-weekly radio communication over HF (High Frequency) radio.

Open to everyone to listen and even unlicensed folks can participate as long as we have internet available. This practice before an event ever occurs is fun and enlightening, learning how others are prepping, what their successes and failures have been and what their current status is in there own area of operation (maybe very near you?).

Our primary station for all of this is a very resilient station with solar, battery and diesel generator backup that allows us to operate indefinitely after an event. We also have multiple satellite systems for pulling in information from around the world in the event the satellite constellations are unaffected.

Practicing with a battery powered radio (instead of the internet WEB SDR link is highly recommended) . Here is the link to the story that includes how to purchase these little receivers. These little receivers are highly effective and so inexpensive you will be able to afford two, one for listening to our MPR NETS and one to keep in a Faraday cage for safe keeping!

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  1. Great idea for comms with the meshtastic repeater installation in your community. Very cool! Iā€™m sure your neighbors appreciate you!

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