What is the Midwest Prepper Report NET?

The Midwest Prepper Report “NET” is a twice a week radio event on HF radio for preppers in the midwest to share information relative to their particular location. You can learn about the status of other areas and have a reliable method of communication in the event all other means of communication are down.

Unlicensed listeners are welcome and we encourage non-Ham participation.

So what is a NET?

A Net is a meeting on the air between Ham operators where one operator is the lead or NET Control Station (NCS for short) and he/she will call out for “check ins” where other stations call back with their callsign, county and name. After everyone is “checked in” the NCS station will call each of the checked in stations one at a time and ask for their “Traffic” (the information they want to share or ask for ).

A listener can learn a lot about the status of surrounding areas and potential good deals at certain stores or possibly what areas to avoid.

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