Shortwave for “Real News”

Coming Soon! Shortwave stations and listening times!

Today, finding truth in journalism is nearly impossible. How do you know what is really happening around you? We use the ATS20+ mini shortwave receiver. What is so special about this little receiver?

  • Receives AM / FM / MW / SW
  • Rechargeable Battery for hours of use
  • *** Has SSB so you can listen to HAMS
  • Easy to use
  • Portable for Bug Out Bag!
  • Operational Security is maintained!
  • Situational Awareness is raised!

We have many folks that use this little radio to listen to the Midwest Prepper Report for an idea of what is going on in their area, county region and around the world. This news is not propaganda from the typical news fronts. These guys are dialed into news like Forward Observer, Grayman Bulletins, State Department releases and more. You get real news from real people that you can act on.

Learn when to :

  • Stock up on fuel or water
  • When to circle your wagons!
  • Advanced notice to charge batteries etc.
  • When to bug out (avoiding a conflict is the best way to survive a conflict)
  • Pull family in closer!

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