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Retevis RT22P License Free Radios 2 Pack

Original price was: $34.95.Current price is: $19.95.
  • Easy to use
  • No license required!
  • Very lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Long Range
SKU: US-A9239A-C9034AX2

1. RT22P ultra-thin portable license-free two way radio
Retevis RT22P 15mm ultra-thin, License-free and small and portable radio, High capacity battery Type-C Alarm Channel Lock Two Way Radio for Hotel,school and market.
2. RT22P Lightweight and Portable radio
For hotel workers who are always on the move, it is convenient to choose a lightweight and portable walkie talkie. The thickness of the walkie talkie is 15mm and the weight is about 103g, and you can easily hold in your hands or put in your pocket.
3. One-to-many Call
The walkie talkie has 16 channels. The same channel supports one-to-many calls, which can meet different call needs, improve work efficiency and help work fast running.
4. High battery capacity
Equipped with a 1620mAh battery, the walkie talkie can work over 15 hours and standby up to 72 hours . It is convenient for teachers to carry the walkie talkie for a long time.
5. Multiple charging options
The Type-C interface supports reverse insertion, and the walkie talkie can be charged conveniently. Additionally, you can charge the walkie talkie via a power bank, a computer or a car, which has more options.
6. RT22P ultra-thin radio with Emergency Alarm
School emergencies are frequent, so it is better to choose a walkie talkie with the alarm function. When an emergency occurs, you can timely and quickly solve the problem to ensure the safety of students via the alarm function. (Note: Side key needs to be defined as emergency alarm in advance by programming).
7. Channel Lock
For hotel: The safety of staff and guests is vital. To avoid changes of frequency unexpectedly, it is necessary to lock the current channel via the channel locking, which can avoid accidental operation and not miss message. 260 privacy code can effectively reduce interference and make communication clearer.
8. VOX Hands-free
Hotel service staff are always busy and they do not have time to use the walkie talkie. The VOX function provides great convenience for efficient communication without pressing the PTT button. Additionally, the walkie talkie can also be used with headphones, making the communication clearer and smoother.
9. Multi-functional Shortcut Keys
With multi-functional shortcut keys, you can activate the side key function with the Up key or Down key, which is more convenient and efficient. (Note: You need to set the side key function by programming).
10. Reliable Communication Distance
For the hotel, effective communication is beneficial to improve work efficiency, so the communication distances and penetration are vital considered factors. With 1.3km-2.3km call distance, a strong penetration and a wide coverage area, the walkie talkie can improve communication efficiency and is more efficient.
11. Application
RT22P ultra-thin, small and portable two way radio, vox function and emergency alarm for school, hotel, supermarket, shopping mall.