Our Public GMRS Repeater

On the Midwest Prepper Report NET last night it was brought to my attention that I have not shared any information about our GMRS Repeater in Mayville Michigan. We are running an Icom FR4000 Commercial UHF 50 watt Repeater with a 6db antenna on a 60ft tower.

The Mayville repeater reach is roughly a maximum of 25 miles when using a mobile or base radio. A handheld will generally max out at about 10 miles unless you can find some substantially high ground to transmit from, then the handheld range will go up considerably.

Our repeater does announce itself every 15 minutes. You may hear a female voice or you may hear morse code but it does announce itself every 15 minutes.

Our Repeater settings are : Receive : 462.625 and transmit 467.625 with a Tone of 141.3 (This will be channel 18 or channel 26 depending on how your GMRS radio is setup)

We hope to hear you using the repeater soon!

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