Non-Hams Welcome!

We welcome non-Ham or unlicensed listeners to our nets either over the air or via the online Web Radios we post links to. You can learn what is going on when all other communications are down. This is why we recommend a small High Frequency receiver for our non-Ham unlicensed friends. Below is a is a very inexpensive receiver I have personally used to listen to our twice weekly MPR NETs. This little $45 receiver with it’s built in battery works great if you connect a 66ft long wire to the antenna port. I will provide links to everything you need below. You can simply attach the wire antenna and drape it over some bushes or along a wooden fence or even in a square around your deck!

When the internet is down this little radio could be a lifesaver! It has a built in rechargeable battery that lasts for many hours and the radio easily fits in your glovebox or backpack.

Buy it at Amazon Micro Rechargeable Shortwave SSB Receiver

Buy the antenna coupling Antenna Wire Adapter

Buy the wire for the antenna Antenna Wire

Full transparency, I have now do have an affiliate account with Amazon and may get compensated for your purchase, however I personally bought these items and tested them myself to make it easier for you.

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