MPR NET Schedule

NET Frequency : 3900kHz LSB

The MPR NET Schedule is as follows :

Normal Schedule : 7pm Eastern Time Sundays and Wednesdays

Listen over the internet here if you don’t have a shortwave radio (includes chat)

SHTF Schedule : 7am & 7pm Eastern Time Everyday until alternative communication is available.

Midwest Prepper Report NET Format

We begin early check ins @ 6:45pm Eastern, Sundays and Wednesdays

When called for traffic, each station gives a red / yellow / green status for their specific county. If any category is considered yellow or red , then your county status goes to yellow or red and we expect you to report why that category is yellow or red.

Otherwise you simply report green for your county and usually some comment about fuel prices and store shelves in your area.

If you have other news that may be actionable information for some folks, news about supply chain disruptions, or cell blackouts etc.

I try to run it quickly to fit everyone into a 30 min NET, I call you for your traffic, thank you and repeat your county status, and give you a signal report and then on to the next one.

Unlicensed listeners are welcome to provide status for their county in the live stream chat.