GMRS Radio

With all of the censorship going on and the rumblings of social credit scores. Two way radio might be the last hope of free speech.

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) offers some distinct advantages:

  • Ability to use local repeaters for much longer range (25 miles is not unusual)
  • License does not require any testing (just $35 fee)
  • One license applies to your whole immediate family
  • High power mobile and base station radios are available for longer distance communications.
  • Inexpensive Personal Repeater available!

GMRS Radio offers you the ability to test and use your radios BEFORE an event! You can use repeaters and converse with other GMRS folks like yourself who are within radio range of you. Build supporting networks and bartering networks so you are truly prepared for any event!

Retevis RB17P GMRS Radio,Long Range Two Way Radio Rechargeable,2200mAh SOS Siren NOAA Scanning & Receiving, Handheld Walkie Talkies for Adults

  • 5 Watt power rating
  • NOAA Alerts
  • Repeater Capable
  • USB charging
  • 7 Day Standby Monitoring!
  • Inexpensive ($35)

(We actually use these radios with our GMRS repeater at Off Grid Comms!) He

Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile Radio, GMRS Radio with Antenna, NOAA 30 Channel GMRS Repeater, Mobile GMRS Two Way Radio with Integrated Control Mic, for Offroad Jeep

  • High Power (3x more than Walkies)
  • NOAA Weather
  • Repeater Capable

The best value in GMRS! A personal repeater and two handhelds for $404.

Retevis RT97 GMRS Mobile Radio Relay Communication Set, Full Duplex Radio Base Station(1 Pack) and GMRS Handheld Walkie Talkies(2 Pack),Designed for RV Camping,Farm,Remote Area, Emergency Rescue

Off Grid Comms actually owns one of these sets! Very reliable repeater for personal use!

5 Watt repeater coupled with a good antenna mounted high up can improve your range from a mile or two up to 20+ miles!

Retevis 462-467MHz GMRS Amateur Base Antenna,High Gain Fiberglass Base Antenna, SL16K/PL259 Connector for RT97 Two Way Radio Base Station Repeater Mobile Radio Transceiver (1 Pack)

(We actually use this antenna for our Off Grid Comms GMRS Repeater!)

MOOKEERF PL259 UHF Cable 25ft, KMR400 PL259 Male to Male Coaxial Cable Low Loss CB Coax Cable for HAM Radio, VHF Radio

Painless Amateur Radio License

    At the last couple meetups I had several people ask me what the process is to get licensed and how difficult it is to get licensed. This post should help you navigate this minefield and get you on a short easy path to a license.

    What are the Amateur License levels?

    • Technician (VHF UHF and very limited HF access)
    • General (VHF UHF Good HF Access)
    • Extra (VHF UHF and all HF bands / Frequencies allocated to Amateur Radio by the FCC)

    This article will focus on the Technician license as it is the easiest and will be useful for most emergency situations.

    Popular license misconceptions :

    • The test is super hard and technical (35 questions and 74% is passing)
    • The test and license is expensive ($35 for a 10yr license)

    So what does a license grant you?

    • The ability to transmit on frequencies aligned to the license level you successfully test for.
    • The ability to use repeaters and infrastructure reserved for licensed operators

    What are the steps for obtaining a license?

    • Study for the test by taking practice tests online (see the link below)
    • When you are confident enough schedule your self for in person testing at one of the facilities listed below.
    • Arrive on time, pay your money and take your test. If successful you will receive your license in about 10 days.