Simple X-Band Repeater Setup

This is my repeater setup when simplex will not get through.

It’s light, portable and waterproof and takes 5 minutes to put into place anywhere I need it.


Battery life is short, expect no more than 2 days on stand-by.

The DIY battery is only 800mAh or 1/4th of the factory 3600mAh, but can be used for emergency transmit after initial battery is dead.

The battery eliminator will allow it to run off any 12vdc source.

If you have vehicle and need to go out on foot, park the truck at the top of the terrain and the repeater will allow comms between draws that line-of-sight simplex mode will not.

If going on a an extended hikes from base, this can be hung in a tree at the edge of your simplex coverage and greatly increase your range.

Really all you need is the standard radio kit for $73.00 and the case @ $14.00 and for $87.00 you have a quick and easy repeater setup that outputs 10W. The rest of my setup just allows a few more options, still under $120.00 total.

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