“It puts the wire in the tree…”

“…or else it gets the hose again!”

So I thought I would share my new tree hanging setup.

I found out a few years ago that a dedicated “arbor” bean bag was the best compromise between my previous method of using a water bottle on 550 cord and going full geek with a wrist rocket. I was never any good at the wrist rocket although I did try.

The arbor setup works like a charm though and is tough enough that if you do get it stuck it will break any limb or pull through if you have enough leverage. The specialty cordage is very slick and the weight of the beanbag is enough to descend by itself, something that 550 cord does not do.

The only issue was sometimes I would get a tangled mess at my feet before the throw was made. I solved that with a dedicated rope line folding box ($1.00 Dollar General purchase) but it was a little unwieldly and not built to last.

Below is the current config which is smaller, attaches to the belt, keeps the line out of sticks and stuff at your feet and works great!

Don’t cheap out!

Weaver brand is a top choice and what I recommend. You can find something cheaper, you can get a complete setup for the cost of the Weaver weight alone if you go with junk.

Case in point…

Kutir Throw Weight and Line Kit with Storage Bag 14 OZ 600D Pouch, 150 Foot Polyethylene Easter Rope for Arborists, Best for Tree Climbing, High Limb Throwing

My advise is to go with what the pros use, the cordage on that cheap kit alone will cause severe grief, trust me!

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