@OGC JS8Call Weekly Sked

Gokhan Kaya over on this sites Groups.io Forum suggested starting a weekly sked to work on gear and comms. Geared towards NVIS and Digital to start with, expanding as we go.

I encourage all to get on the radio and try to make contact on a weekly basis, establishing our own network of like minded Off-Grid Hams that are setup to handle EmComms without commercial power.

If your shack is not yet Off-Grid it does not matter, what matters is getting a network of HAMs with the ability to pass communication items locally / regionally.

The idea is to create a group of contacts you can count on to be on the air in an emergency.

Sound good? Alright then, see you on the air! DE K7JLJ

NVIS / non-NVIS Digital Mode: Everyone invited

Sundays @ 1900-2000 PST

40m band

Organizers: VA6GOK / K7JLJ

Let’s give our first try at
Band: 40M
Frequency: 7.090
Mode: Digital JS8Call 1800 Waterfall

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