Linux & The FT-70DR

So the good news is that CHIRP under Linux will allow you to program the FT-70DR, but the bad news is that it only works for basic programming and there is a bug.

Being a Linux user (sytem notes here) I can not use the free ADMS-10 Windows ONLY (no Wine for you!) software offered by Yaesu.

This radio is probably the easiest to program by face-plate, but I already have a “freq plan” for my analog HTs along with my analog HT X-band Repeater that are kept as CHIRP “.img” files for ease of downloading into radios that get reset or for copying into new image files for new radios I buy, as I did with two new FT-70DRs recently purchased.

Everything went smoothly after installing CHIRP on my Linux distro, and I proceeded to open one of my image files for the Retevis RT6 radios I use and copy all channels into the newly uploaded blank image file from the FT-70DR.

CHIRP makes transferring a freq plan easy between many radios!

I saved the new image file with the pasted channels on the computer and then downloaded them into the FT-70DR without an issue. The new radio now worked on all my established channels and had over 100+ frequencies programmed in about 10 minutes. Woot!

When I later tried to upload the freqs out of the FT-70DR, I got an “error” that flashed across the radio after attempting to TX to the CHIRP program.

The only way to get an upload out of the radio after programming it from CHIRP was to perform a factory reset on the radio, then it worked again.

So CHIRP is messing something up that prevents further uploads out of the radio after it has downloaded info from CHIRP in the radio.

You can edit the CHIRP image files and download it to the radio as much as you want though, but nothing is going back out of the radio once CHIRP has programmed it.

Hopefully this will be resolved in future CHIRP versions, but for now it’s better than programming 100+ freqs via the face-plate.

I also noticed that while the SETTINGS tab was fully functional under CHIRP when run in Windows as seen from this screenshot of the programming video I posted last time.

Under my install the page was blank…

What you see (or don’t) with CHIRP under Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS

Because I am not using the C4FM side of the radio for repeaters, only for “semi-secure” simplex transmissions, by transmitting in DN (Digital Mode) over the same analog frequencies in my “freq-plan”, the lack of advanced options in CHIRP is not an issue with me.

If you are going to use the radio on repeaters and want pre-programmed channels for such, then you will want a Windows machine and the free ADMS-10 software or the 3rd party RT Systems software and cable.

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