Midwest Prepper Report NET

3900kHz LSB 00:00Z (7pm EST) Sundays & Wednesdays
(No license? No problem, use this link to listen in live! WEB SDR )
What is the Midwest Prepper Report NET ?

  • What is the Midwest Prepper Report NET?

    What is the Midwest Prepper Report NET?

    The Midwest Prepper Report “NET” is a twice a week radio event on HF radio for preppers in the midwest to share information relative to their particular location. You can learn about the status of other areas and have a reliable method of communication in the event all other means of communication are down. Unlicensed…

  • Our Public GMRS Repeater

    Our Public GMRS Repeater

    On the Midwest Prepper Report NET last night it was brought to my attention that I have not shared any information about our GMRS Repeater in Mayville Michigan. We are running an Icom FR4000 Commercial UHF 50 watt Repeater with a 6db antenna on a 60ft tower. The Mayville repeater reach is roughly a maximum…

  • Spidertrap File Spider

    Spidertrap File Spider

    This is a simple python script, you change the last two lines for the url you want it to spider and the folder you want the files deposited in. The Spider will go 3 levels deep and it will find txt, zip, pdf and html files.If there is a link menu on the page, it…